10 Integrative Points on GMOs

  1. GMOs are seeds that have had a pesticide molecule shot into its DNA without a clear idea of where said molecule will land amongst said seed’s genetic material.
  2. Most people in the USA wish to have their food clearly labeled so that they may choose to avoid GMOs. What does this mean? That people are voting with their wallets. The Food Industry has caught on and is gradually labeling their products “Non-GMO” to cash in on this growing trend.
  3. On august 2016 Congress passed a bill requiring food companies to do the above. As well intended as it is, the bill has no “teeth” to it. Profits and giving the public what it wants does.
  4. Monsanto and other GMO promoters spent US$250 million to marketing their GMO seeds to convince the public and unquestioning scientists of two points: (1) GMOs will feed the world, and (2) Mother Nature has been altering genetic material in plants, in animals and in humans.
  5. Both points above have been proven wrong. (1) Even Africa has refused to accept GMO seeds. (2) Mother Nature does alter our genes, sometimes with our help through cross-breeding. But, it does not shoot chemicals into Her creations’ DNA. Log onto www.responsible technology.org for evidence.
  6. Monsanto and others continue to “front” scientific groups to promote their agenda. Despite their efforts t portray the opposition as Neanderthals the public has spoken. The real unscientific stand is to refuse to look at the evidence that shows GMOs to be unsafe.
  7. The French study that followed rats for 2-3 years—their whole lifespan—showed that GMOs are associated with many chronic conditions, including cancer. Monsanto’s studies “proving” GMOs to be safe followed rats fed GMOs for only two months. Under pressure from Monsanto-trained scientists the Journal pulled the study. It has been reinstated in another journal, one that does not take money from Monsanto.
  8. Pesticides were derived from left over WWII Nerve gas. As such they have been shown to have significant side effects. The science proving this is seldom reported by mainstream media.
  9. Pesticides may impact practically all cellular function directly. This includes the health of the bacteria composing our Microbiome, particularly in the gut. Once our gut bacteria is affected rest assured practically all other chronic health problems will follow.


Hugo Rodier, MD is an integrative physician based in Draper, Utah who specializes in healing chronic disease at the cellular level by blending proper nutrition, lifestyle changes, & allopathic practices when necessary.

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