Toxic Economics of Health Care System

By now everyone knows it is all about profits, not patients’ health. Sure, they talk pretty, but, we all know the truth.

The factors behind this sick system of care cannot be understood without addressing the basic issues perverting the institutions set up by our society to help people. Said issues have shifted the focus from people to corporations and the elite who run them. The latter are often called “the one percent.”

Get out a box of Kleenex, or a punching ball before reading the figures below:[1]

1970       CEOs income 45:1 compared to average worker

2014       CEOs income 844:1   “   “   “   “

Democrats feel it should be 5:1

Republicans feel it should be 12:1

2008     S____ hit the fan

North Dakota State Bank untouched: its main officers make 8:1 what the average worker makes

8:1 is close to the average between what Democrats and Republicans feel CEOs should be compensated—this is not a partisan blog

2015      Recovery from 2008?

95% has gone to the 1% above

You and I get to share the crumbs off the table (5%)

2016      I ask you: do you think that all this corruption has not affected the Health Care system?,204,203,200_.jpg


  1. Book Runaway Inequality: An Activist’s Guide to Economic Justice, Les Leopold; Labor Institute Press, 2015
Hugo Rodier, MD is an integrative physician based in Draper, Utah who specializes in healing chronic disease at the cellular level by blending proper nutrition, lifestyle changes, & allopathic practices when necessary.

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