About Dr. Hugo Rodier

  • HugoAboutDr. Hugo Rodier is an integrative physician at the Integrative Health Clinic in Sandy, Utah and an Adjunct Professor for the University of Utah in the Department of Foods and Nutrition and College of Health. He is a nationally-recognized expert on using nutrition to heal chronic disease and regularly speaks to clinicians and consumers alike on topics related to gut health and how to use diet and nutrition to support wellness.

Otherwise, he leads a simple life, enjoying the mountains and deserts of Utah, choosing to run outdoors rather than work out in gyms, reading voraciously, and finding delight in his family, which includes children and the entertaining antics of his cat and dogs. Healthy and paid to do what he loves, he considers himself blessed in life.

Dr. Rodier was born in Chile with paternal roots in France and immigrated to the United States at the age of 16. His unique upbringing not only left him fluent in Spanish and French, but also gave him a grounded perspective on life and love that he carries into his practice.

Dr. Rodier’s work does not stop when he leaves his office for the day, as you can surely glean from his involvement in educational, political, and social affairs local and abroad. Hugo manages a number of posts within the Utah Medical Association, including Editorial Board Member, House of Delegates Representative, Environmental/Public Health Committee Chairman, Medical consultant for EMI Health’s (former Educators Mutual Insurance), and Credential and Quality Improvement Committee Member. He is proud to also serve as an Integrative Health Network Chairman, Editor  of “Integrative Medicine” newsletter, and a national/international speaker on integrative medicine. Salt Lake City has some of the post contaminated air in the nation, so his work raises awareness of the role of toxins in the environment and how they contribute to many chronic diseases ranging from asthma and autism to diabetes and obesity. For his clinical work, Dr. Rodier reads 100 medical journals each month and keeps extensive lists of citations to demonstrate the evidence-based science behind the nutritional approaches he uses.

If you want to delve a little deeper into Dr. Rodier’s interesting resume, continue reading to uncover his educational background, his work abroad with international organizations, his involvement in local community groups, and past publications.



  • Integrative Health Clinic-Cash only; no insurance accepted
    • 11075 South State St. Suite 31-A, Sandy, Utah 84047
    • Phone (801) 898-3317
    • Fax (801) 930-7965
  • University of Utah Adjunct Professor, Department of Foods and Nutrition, College of Health
    • Member Executive Committee for The Center for Integrative Health Education, Research and Technology
  • Utah Medical Association 2001-2015
    • Editorial Board member
    • House of Delegates Representative
    • Chairman Environmental/Public Health Committee
    • UMA Council of Trustees – 2015



  • Credential and Quality Improvement Committees
  • Integrative Health Network Chairman (Physicians, nurses and other health workers)
  • Editor “Integrative Medicine” Newsletter
  • National/International speaker on Integrative Medicine
  • National Health Service Corps, 1987-1989, Eskimo Program, Dillingham, Alaska



  • Residency, 1987, University of Washington School of Medicine, Boise Family Practice
  • Internship, 1985, Baylor College of Medicine
  • Medical Doctor, 1984, University of Utah School of Medicine, Family Practice Honors
  • Post graduate Washington University School of Medicine, Health Administration.
    • Thesis: “Private Practice vs. HMO Physicians”
  • B.S., Brigham Young University, Major Zoology. Cum Laude.
  • A.D., 1075, Ricks College. Emphasis Psychology. Magna Cum Laude.
  • High School, 1971. Nampa, Idaho.



  • Relief Aid Bombay, India, 1996; Prasaad Project, New York, New York.
  • Relief Aid Rwanda/Zaire, 1994: Northwest Medical Team, Portland, Oregon.
  • Relief Aid Somalia/Kenya, 1993: Northwest Medical Team, Portland, Oregon.



  • Host Radio Program: “Integrative Health,” KTALK 1998-2015
  • State of Utah Water Quality Board 2013-2015
  • Member Wasatch #1 Lodge: Master Mason 32°
  • Board of Governors-Shriner’s Hospital Salt Lake City , Utah 2016-



  • “Comparative Effects of Beta Blocker Adrenergic Blocking Drugs on Experimental Ventricular Fibrillation Threshold,” J. American Journal of Cardiology, 1984;51:1196-1202.
  • Editor of Integrative Medicine newsletter; www.hugorodier.com
  • Book “The Joint Pain Solution;” 2015
  • Book “Switching Off Chronic Disease;” 2015
  • Book “Gut Health: an Integrative Light Metabolic Approach to Optimize Your Health;” 2013
  • Book “Licking Sweet Death;” 2010
  • Book “Energy and Communication;” 2007. Integrative principles in health
  • Utah Medical Association Bulletin:
    • “The JAMA on Drugs,” May 2009
    • “Balance Our Health Care Account,” December 2008/January 2009
    • “Wind Power Revisited,” August/September 2008
    • “Stressful Environment, Inside and Out,” April 2007
    • “Practical Principles of Advising Patients on Nutrition,” November/December 2005
    • “Mad as a Hatter from Mercury in Utah,” September/October 2005



  • Writing; novel “The Fence” submitted for publication.
  • Theater, history, travel, physics, running, weight training, politics, economics, animals, saxophone, family.



  • Gary Chan, MD, Neonatologist UUMC (801) 587-7508
  • Glenn Richardson, PhD, U. of Utah College of Health (801) 581-8039
  • Wayne Askew, Director Dept of Nutrition, U. of Utah (801) 581-8240
  • Richard Labasky, Urologist, Sandy, Utah (801) 501-5300

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