Doctors Weigh in on Health Care Reform

Dermatologists feel reform is a rash decision
Gastroenterologists are getting heartburn over it
Internists feel it is a bitter pill to swallow
Gynecologists feel it is a bloody issue
Obstetricians expect changes to be delivered
Plastic surgeons want a new face on it
Surgeons wash their hands of it
Anesthesiologists think it is a gas
Pediatricians feel legislators need to grow up
Psychiatrists feel they are crazy in D.C.
And Proctologists think the A******* in D.C. are messing the whole thing up.

I am a Family Practitioner, but I agree with the Proctologists.

It is shameful how the outcome of health care reform seems to be shaping up as predicted: the big winners are the AMA, Big Pharma and Insurance companies. After all, they each spent over $10 million in lobbying.

Forget the public. Our Republic has descended into FASCISM, or the alliance of government and corporations.

If you have not started to look into self-sufficiency, community connections and food storage, you need to get going.

  1. Barbara Huttinga Reply

    Ya, the Mormans and Seventh Day Advanist were on the right track years ago! Now, more than ever they need to reinfore it. Good tip.

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