Drugs You May Want to Quit Taking

Here is a list of drugs doctors have been advised to withdraw patients from, if possible. Consult with him or her about that before stopping them on your own. The problem of polypharmacy (more than five drugs for one patient) needs to be addressed aggressively, especially in the elderly. The drugs listed below are either not effective, or dangerous, or both.

Beta blockers for hypertension

Stool softeners like Colace

Antibiotics before dental procedures

Statins for primary prevention

Inhalers and pills for misdiagnosed asthma

Acid blockers like the purple pill

Benzodiazepines like Xanax

Antimuscarinics like oxybutynin

Cholinesterase inhibitors for Alzheimer’s like Donepezil

Muscle relaxants like Soma

Left unsaid in the article is the fact that the pharmaceutical approach is flawed—it only addresses symptoms of diseases, not the root causes. The problem is compounded by doctors not knowing what else to do in a rushed system that resorts to a quick prescription to terminate the visit.


(11 Drugs You Should Seriously Consider Deprescribing – Medscape www.medscape.com/slideshow/deprescribing-6009041. 4 days ago – You might consider ‘giving the axe’ to these 11 drug classes in specific circumstances, to increase safety and reduce a patient’s pill burden.)

Hugo Rodier, MD is an integrative physician based in Draper, Utah who specializes in healing chronic disease at the cellular level by blending proper nutrition, lifestyle changes, & allopathic practices when necessary.

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