Open Letter to My Patients

Dear Patients & Friends:

I have decided to leave the Pioneer Clinic in Draper and go out on my own. I will be focusing on a cash-based practice, thus avoiding the pitfalls of an insurance-based reimbursement system, not the least is how little time I can spend with patients. To those of you who already pay out of pocket or have high-deductible insurance policies, your medical savings accounts likely will cover expenses for my services.

Note: You may, of course, still bill your insurance company after paying for your office visit with cash. If you plan to bill your insurance for a reimbursement after your visit, be sure to review whether or not your policy covers visits to integrative physicians. Unfortunately, many health insurance providers do not cover the costs of complementary and alternative therapies used in integrative medicine, so it is best to check with your insurance provider if you are unsure.

I would very much like to support you all in moving toward better and more sustainable health. To get started, you can request your medical records from Pioneer Clinic or you can just bring your last visit note, which will give me all the information I need to support your wellness program. Or we can simply start afresh.  To schedule a phone consultation or an appointment, please call: 1-801-898-3317

For those of you who cannot afford to pay cash, it is with sadness that I must wish you well in working through another medical provider. I do encourage you to buy my book, Switching Off Chronic Disease, to get a strong foundation for the basic Cellular Detox Program that I offer to all of my patients and also to peruse some of the major protocols that I use.

Stay tuned to this website for more updates. Here you will see notices about my fourth book about Joint Pain. My fifth book, Hermetic Health, will be the pinnacle of my career and philosophy.

Meanwhile, I will look forward to having more time for reflection and writing and hope to continue to serve you through all the phases of your life and in support of your family’s well-being.

With deep appreciation to all of you who have supported my work through the years, may we learn and grow together into the future.  Hope to see many of you soon!

Warm regards,

Hugo Rodier, MD

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